My Battle With Cancer
Part 5: Life After Cancer

2011 - 2016

This section looks at 2011 onwards, from 2011 to 2016 I was required to have one check up a year.


Check up:
Year Review:


Check up:


Check up:


Check up: Year Review:

Abi and Blair 2015
Abi and myself visiting Edendale church. A place I attended as a child when I stayed with nana and Abi and her family regularly attended.


Year Review:

20 Week Scan for baby
20 week scan for Blair jnr.

Abi and Blair 2016
Abi and myself at St. Bathans in Central Otago.

Abi Pregnancy Photo
Abi at about 33 weeks pregnant.

Abi and Hazel an hour after she was born
Abi and Hazel an hour after Hazel was born.

My Final Checkup:

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My Battle With Cancer

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