My Battle With Cancer
Part 4: Consolidation Treatment

Chemotherapy Cycle 12

1 October 2005
For the past few weeks I have still been looking at houses and what will hopefully be my first home despite the bank fobbing me off a few weeks ago. A week ago I rang Kiwibank and asked them about their "Welcome Home Loan." This is a home loan that requires no deposit and allows you to borrow up to $150,000 and is often targeted at those not working or on low incomes so I figured they shouldn't turn me down, I have a deposit and will be back at work next year. I explained that I would buy a house and would need to rent it out for possibly the first 6 months if I bought today due to me not being able to live in my own place just yet. I explained the reason why and Kiwibank were not interested as the conditions of this loan require you to live in the house. I explained that I would live in the house but just not for the first 6 months. They didn't care and just wished me the best with my treatment and I could apply after I finshed my treatment when I could live in the house.
Anyhow today I finally found the perfect house in my price range and made an offer subject to finance. The advice given by the Real Estate agent was to see a Mortgage Broker and perhaps use my parents income.

3 October 2005
In the morning the district nurse came and changed my dressing and took blood to confirm I was fit to start chemo this week. The nurse had trouble removing blood from my Hickman Line and this was giving concern considering many patients have to have their line replaced at least once during treatment, my line has been in for nearly 9 months. After moving the clamp slightly blood started coming out of the line so false alarm.
In the afternoon I had my appointment with Dr Bayston. I explained how I didn't handle the last cycle as well and it was decided this could be because I wasn't given any Dexamethasone during my last cycle. Dexamethasone is a steroid that is given during chemo that usually helps while having treatment. I will now have this twice a day while having chemo and all medications will be given through the Hickman line. I asked about going back to work once my treatment is complete and I have been told not go back until at least February, this is good because I wasn't intending to go back until February and then just part time.

4 October 2005
I was called up today by the Real Estate agent to be told that the vendors have accepted my offer on the house so as soon as the finance is approved the sale should get through in a month. A mortgage broker came around tonight and helped me fill in the application, Mum and Dad were required to go on my application and use their income in order for there to be a better chance of one of the banks approving the finance.

5 October 2005
Day one of cycle twelve, Mum and I arrived at the hospital just after 10 in the morning a little late but I wasn't worried since we always have to wait around for the hospital so they should have to wait for me for once. I was very tired and once all the drugs had been pumped into me I drifted off to sleep for most of the day, I actually felt fine all day and managed to go all day without vomiting.

6 October 2005
This morning, just after the nurse starting pumping the chemo drugs into my body, I received the good news from my mother that the finance for the house I bought at the weekend has been approved, in less than a month I will be the proud owner of a 3 bedroom home in Invercargill. My mum also brought in my mail which included a letter from the freezing works asking if I was available to work the next season, this is a standard letter all employees receive indicating their interest in returning to work for the next season. I have decided that I will return but I am not sure what I will be capable of doing now that my right collar bone has been removed. I intend to speak to the management before returning to work to see what my options are.

7 October 2005
I ended up sleeping all morning but at least this time I am feeling much better compared to how I felt during my previous treatment cycle. At lunch time mum came in to take me home and this was timed nicely since the nurse had just completed my discharge.
I stayed at home the rest of the day taking it easy.

During this cycle I stayed at home most of the time even though I could have easily gone out. For the first week I wasn't feeling too great, for two days I had no energy, I then had Hayfever for a few days and once that cleared up I developed some sort of cough for a couple of days. I suddenly started feeling fine 10 days after the chemo had finished.
At Labour Weekend I managed to get out on the Saturday and go to the Derby at Riverside Raceway here in Invercargill, Matt was supposed to race his derby car only he ended up watching with everyone else.

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