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Welcome to

What is is simply the personal website of Blair Howden, nothing more, nothing less. Originally this site was constructed in 1998 as part of web design project when I was student and I decided to keep the site running afterwards adding extra content and eventually giving the site it's own domain in 2001.

Who am I?
My name is Blair Howden, you are probably thinking why would you go to the trouble of creating your own site like these days anyone can have a presense on the web by joining a social networking site such as Facebook or Google+ but this site was constructed long before such pages existed. For a time I contemplated whether it was worth keeping this site going but remembering the diary I kept about my battle with cancer in 2005 I felt this justified having a website. So this is now the new and much smaller with a new and more efficient design and minus some of the less interesting content.

About Me

About Me This section contains lots of useless information about me.

My Battle With Cancer

My Battle With Cancer On December 23, 2004 I was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, a Bone Cancer. This section of is my story as I battled to fight this disease.

Computer Pages

Computer Pages The geek section of, computer related content.

Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff Pages containing interesting stuff I have found on the web.

Contact Me

Contact Me If you would like to contact me with any feedback relating to this site or about anything else this is the place.